Multnomah County Cultural Coalition

2017 MCCC Grant Guidelines and Applications will be available September 6 and due by 5pm on October 17.

A link to the online application will be posted here as soon as it is available.



The Multnomah County Cultural Coalition mission is to foster a community that is opportunity-rich in cultural offerings, increasing the likelihood of cultural par­ticipation among the broadest possible spectrum of county residents. RACC serves at the fiscal agency for the MCCC and contracts to provide administrative grantmaking support.

Download the Multnomah County Cultural Plan for 2013-2017

More information can be found at

Community Cultural Participation Grants

The MCCC Community Cultural Participation (CCP) Grant Program supports commu­nity-based cultural events, programs and organizations. Community Cultural Participation Grants can be used for a specific cultural event, program, or activity as long as it is open to the public. Any not-for-profit organization will be eligible to apply for a CCP grant up to $2,000. However, IRS 501c3 status is not required.

Applications must clearly demonstrate how the funds will help the proposed cultural event, program, or activity to become more accessible and/or affordable to Multnomah County residents or encourage new cultural activities and organizations.