"You are Here" recent paintings by Shawn Demarest

Wet Sun by Shawn Demarest



Shawn Demarest has completed 12 paintings as part of this exhibit. Intrinsic to this new body of work is painting in larger formats up to 60"x60". Demarest chooses scenes that might seem mundane, yet the colors, light, atmosphere, and paint handling make these modest views sing. If you appreciate the way the sun turns a wet street into diamond light or have been awed by a deep blue sky against approaching headlights during a rainy morning commute this show is for you. Shawn Demarest will be giving an artist talk November 17th at 2PM.

Runs through November 30, 2012 at Annie Meyer Artwork Gallery, 120 NW 9th Ave , Ste 102, Portland. This project was funded in part by a RACC Project Grant to Shawn Demarest.