"The Lost Boy " by Susan Mach

(Photo: Owen Carey)



In a culture of fear and exhibitionism, who preys upon whom? A 4 year-old boy is snatched and ransomed by down-on-their-luck roustabouts. His father, the police and P.T. Barnum attempt to outsmart the captors using newspaper headlines, trains and death-defying trickery, while a mother mourns what she has lost. Meanwhile, Tiny Tim, the Strong Man, a trapeze artist and a Circassian psychic create their own acts at the boy's expense.

Loosely based on true story, this media frenzy and entertainment spectacle of 1874 is a tightrope mystery where a boy's life hangs in the balance amid the self-serving interests of white collars and circus-folk vying for the upper hand. 

Runs through February 10, 2013 at Artists Repertory Theatre, Morrison Stage, 1515 SW Morrison, Portland. Artists Repertory Theatre receives General Operating Support from RACC.