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Events for April 21st 2015

8:00 am
March 30th to May 2nd
Cumulus Congestus
North View Gallery

Cumulus Congestus is an exhibition of large-scale watercolor paintings and installation work by Portland artist, Bethany Hays. Hays draws on the politics of motherhood, feminism, and art history in her search for common ground between her roles as a parent and an artist. Hays paints piles of...more info

8:00 am
March 30th to April 24th
Portland Building Installation: In Celebration of Pigpens; The “Sties” the Limit?
Portland Building Installation Space 1120 SW 5th Portland Oregon

Artists Lou Watson and Michele McCall Wallace are taking over the Portland Building Installation Space with an exhibition called In Celebration of Pigpens; The “Sties” the Limit? The installation is in response to the oft reprinted quote by Portland Building architect Michael Graves. When Graves...more info

7:00 pm
April 21st
Verses from a Cataclysm: New Translations of Boris Slutsky, Jewish Soviet Soldier Poet
Oregon Jewish Museum

Living in Russia during and after the Second World War as a Jew, what does a gifted poet write and which writings must be hidden for the sake of self-preservation? How does this poet shape and maintain his identity when his Soviet allegiance and Jewishness collide? Join Marat Grinberg, Associate...more info

7:30 pm
April 4th to May 2nd
Cyrano - Evening Performances
Gerding Theater at the Armory

With its original setting and the glorious costumes of 17th century France, this classic romantic comedy has been given a 21st century feel with a snappy modern adaptation.Cyrano tells the story of a great swordsman with a beautiful soul, who is hampered by a huge nose that makes him believe he is...more info

7:30 pm
April 21st to April 22nd
Dance Theatre of Harlem. Presented by White Bird
Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall

"Dance Theatre of Harlem has reclaimed its vital place as one of the major companies in America" - The Dance Enthusiast After a thirty-year absence from Portland, Dance Theatre of Harlem is back, and we could not be more excited. Founded in 1969 by Arthur Mitchell and Karel Shook, and now led...more info

Exhibits, Festivals, and Films

10:00 am
February 7th to May 3rd
Italian Style
Portland Art Museum

This major exhibition is a glamorous, comprehensive look at Italian Fashion from the end of the Second World War to the present day. The story is explored through the key individuals and organizations that have contributed to Italy’s reputation for quality and style. The exhibition will include...more info

11:00 am
April 8th to May 9th
Ben Buswell: No One Above or Below
Upfor Gallery

Opening reception: Wednesday, April 8 from 6:00 - 8:00pm Immediately following his solo installation/exhibition at The Art Gym, Upfor presents a reconfiguration of Ben Buswell's sculptural installation. Buswell, a sculptor whose work spans media from ceramics to incised photographs, uses processes...more info

11:00 am
March 7th to June 14th
Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center Japanese American History Museum

Photography Exhibition by Motoya...more info

12:00 pm
April 1st to March 31st
2015 Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers
Blue Sky Gallery / Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts

Blue Sky, the Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts, is pleased to announce the names of 64 artists selected for inclusion in its 2015 Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers Program ("Drawers"). Debuting on First Thursday, April 2, and coinciding with Portland Photo Month, each artist...more info

12:00 pm
April 7th to May 15th
Botched Execution: Heidi Schwegler 2004 - 2015
Art Gym, Marylhurst University, 17600 Pacific Hwy, Marylhurst, OR 97036

Heidi Schwegler is an artist working in a variety of media, most frequently sculpture and video. She is concerned with the impermanent nature of the corporeal, the surprising resilience of the discarded, and the inevitability of decay. Botched Execution: Selected Works 2004-2015 presents a...more info

12:00 pm
April 1st to May 3rd
Cheryle St. Onge - Natural Findings
Blue Sky Gallery / Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts

Natural Findings is a photographic exploration of the natural world as one might first experience it as a child. Artist Cheryle St. Onge’s beautifully contemplative black-and-white images depict the curiosity and awe surrounding the initial discoveries of such treasures as “a paper wasp nest that...more info

12:00 pm
April 1st to May 3rd
Colleen Plumb Exhibitions: "Animals Are Outside Today" and "Thirty Times a Minute"
Blue Sky Gallery / Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts

In her photographic series Animals Are Outside Today, artist Colleen Plumb focuses on the complex relationship between humans and animals. As her quiet yet provoking color images illustrate, animals hold a unique place in the human imagination, although their lives are often dependent upon our...more info