"Album: Artist Portraits of Artists"

From Album: Artist Portraits of Artists - Damali Ayo, a politically and socially minded conceptual artist. Photo: Motoya Nakamura



The Art Gym is celebrating 30 years of exhibitions, publications and conversations about contemporary art in the Pacific Northwest. The program is also celebrating and paying tribute to artists for their role in creating the cultural riches of the state of Oregon. Founded in 1980 by Marylhurst University, The Art Gym's mission from its inception has been to increase public understanding of contemporary art in the region. Over the last three decades, The Art Gym has organized hundreds of exhibitions, published more than 60 exhibition catalogues and hosted numerous public conversations with artists in the gallery. The Art Gym's goals have been to consider the ideas with which artists are engaged, to act as a catalyst for new work and to periodically take an in-depth look at a single artist's work at mid career.

Exhibit runs through October 27, 2010 at The Art Gym, Marylhurst University, 17600 Pacific Highway , Marylhurst OR. This project was funded in part by a RACC Project Grant.