4D Sidewalk unveiled as new temporary public art in SE Portland



A new temporary public art installation, “4D Sidewalk,” has launched at the bside6 building, 524 E. Burnside. This publicly funded project is a collaboration between Cityscope, an urban workshop, and artist David Neveel, with support from bside6, LLC and in situ PORTLAND a program of the Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC).

4D Sidewalk creates a temporal event by recording and broadcasting a series of time-shifted video at street level, bringing the fourth dimension of time into the experience of the building. This interactive installation creates a feedback relationship with pedestrians and explores the extent to which a building can actively shape its environment. 4D Sidewalk can be experienced from 6pm to midnight daily through May 1, 2010.

Lower Burnside Street had been widened in the 1920’s to create a central city arterial, and the arcades that have evolved along this street over time have resulted in a unique pedestrian environment. This project is consistent with the City’s efforts to encourage new structures that create a relationship with these buildings and reduce the perceptual width of the street, and coincides with this month’s conversion of E. Burnside and Couch Streets into one-way boulevards known as the Burnside-Couch Couplet.

in situ PORTLAND is a RACC program that places challenging temporary art in the public realm, serving as a catalyst for dialogue about art and/or contemporary issues. For more information contact RACC public art manager Kristin Calhoun, kcalhoun@racc.org.