RACC awards $412,895 for 92 artistic projects in 2010

Kukatonon, an African dance and drumming troupe, received a 2010 Project Grant. (Photo: Anthony Jordan)



The Regional Arts & Culture Council announced today that a total of $412,895 will be awarded to artists, nonprofit organizations, and schools in Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington Counties as part of RACC’s competitive “Project Grant” program.

Support comes from various sources – first and foremost from the City of Portland. Multnomah County, Clackamas County, Washington County and Metro also provide significant funding, along with Work for Art, RACC’s ever-growing workplace giving program. This year’s project grant budget was $50,000 less than 2008-09 due to shortfalls in hotel/motel tax revenues that are meant to fund arts-related projects in neighborhoods.

 “Now more than ever, it is essential that we invest in the arts,” said Eloise Damrosch, Executive Director of RACC. “Artistic projects like these make our community a better place, and they help support the growing number of creative individuals and organizations in our region.” 

Among the projects that will occur in schools, libraries, theaters, concert halls and galleries next year:

·       Opera Theatre Oregon will present a new operatic soundtrack to “Hercules Vs. Vampires”

·       POV Dance will create a new architecturally-based dance in the Ford Building

·       Theatre in the Grove will offer their Children's After School Theatre (CAST) program in Forest Grove

·       Artists Devon Allen, M.J. Cody, Carlos Alexis Cruz, Alain LeTourneau, Melody Owen, and Joe Schneider will produce new works

·       Artists Kazuyo Ito, Larry Johnson, Melanya Helene, Hunt Holman, and Joseph Sneed will engage students and other community members in a variety of artistic projects

·       Several community festivals also received support this year, including the Portland Bastille Festival, the Disability Pride Art and Culture Festival and the Cascade Festival of African Films

Also this year, an anonymous donor helped RACC establish the “Innovation Prize,” providing an additional $2,500 award for an outstanding, innovative, media oriented project that extends the boundaries of animated, documentary, experimental and/or narrative motion picture arts. The award this year goes to Alain LeTourneau for Empty Quarter, a 60 minute, 16mm, black and white experimental film about the ranching and farming communities in southeastern Oregon.

A record number of applications were received this year – 263 in total, up 24% over last year. All proposals were evaluated by volunteers, including 53 professional artists, teachers, community representatives and arts administrators who served on 12 different panels. The panelists worked with RACC staff to study the applications and rate each application on its artistic merits and the demonstrated fiscal responsibility of the applicant. Panelists also evaluated the extent to which each proposal provided meaningful engagement opportunities for area residents and was accessible to all citizens. Ultimately, 92 projects were recommended for funding to the RACC Board, which approved the final grants on December 16.

RACC funding typically represents 25 to 50% of a project’s total cost, helping make arts events more affordable and accessible to the public; bringing new arts experiences to students and under-served citizens; and supporting the region’s economic recovery. The National Endowment for the Arts recently reported that Oregon has some of the highest rates of arts participation in the United States, and economic impact research reveals that for every ticket that is purchased to an arts event, an additional $24.24 in arts-related spending supports local businesses, including restaurants, parking structures, and retailers. Hotels and restaurants also benefit from cultural tourism generated by a diverse and healthy arts community.

A total of 44 grants, or 48%, was awarded to organizations and individuals who had never before received a RACC Project Grant. The majority of applicants were from Multnomah County. In the listings below, (*) denotes artists and organizations in Clackamas County; and (**) denotes artists and organizations in Washington County.

$186,738 was awarded to 42 organizations:  

Alliance Francaise of Portland - Multi-Discipline Project, $4,286
Audubon Society of Portland - Visual Arts Project, $5,100
A-WOL Dance Collective - Multi-Discipline Project, $5,463
BaseRoots Theatre Company - Theatre Project,  $3,935
Beaverton Arts Commission** - Dance/Movement Project, $5,700
Beaverton Civic Theatre** - Theatre Project, $4,208
Cinema Project - Media Arts Project, $4,789
Classic Greek Theatre of Oregon - Theatre Project, $3,581
Cleveland High School - Theatre Project, $3,858
defunkt theatre - Theatre Project, $4,445
Disability Rights Oregon - Theatre Project, $5,580
Disjecta Interdisciplinary Art Center - Visual Arts Project, $4,240
Estacada Area Arts Commission* - Multi-Discipline Project, $5,273
Fir Grove Elementary** - Visual Arts Project, $3,722
Hand2Mouth Theatre - Theatre Project, $4,800
India Cultural Association - Presenting Project, $3,868
Jewish Theatre Collaborative - Theatre Project, $4,712
Justseeds - Visual Arts Project, $4,403
Kukatonon - Dance/Movement Project, $5,700
Media, Arts & Technology Institute (MATI) - Media Arts Project, $4,347
MetroArts, Inc. - Music Project, $4,500
My Voice Music - Music Project, $922
Northwest Photography Archive - Visual Arts Project, $4,750
Opera Theater Oregon - Multi-Discipline Project, $4,007
Oregon Cultural Access (ORCA) - Multi-Discipline Project, $4,712 and Dance/Movement Project, $1,826
Orlo - Literature Project, $5,510
Oslund + Company/Dance - Dance/Movement Project, $4,624
PDX Pop Now! - Music Project, $3,961
Portland Community College Foundation - Media Arts Project, $5,700
Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival - Media Arts Project, $5,388
Portland State University Department of Art    - Visual Arts Project, $3,530
Portland Theatre Works - Theatre Project, $2,160
POV Dance - Dance/Movement Project, $4,028
Print Arts Northwest** - Visual Arts Project, $2,066
Providence Elder Place at Glendoveer - Visual Arts Project, $4,500
Sojourn Theatre - Theatre Project, $4,800
The Art Gym* - Visual Arts Project, $5,100
Theatre in the Grove** - Theatre Project, $5,400
Theatre Vertigo - Theatre Project, $1,380
Third Angle New Music Ensemble - Music Project, $5,686
Third Rail Repertory Theatre - Theatre Project, $5,700
Water in the Desert - Multi-Discipline Project, $4,478

$226,157 was awarded to 48 individuals: 

Devon Allen - Theatre Project, $3,975
Abra Ancliffe - Visual Arts Project, $4,102
Michael Beach - Music Project, $4,432
Everett A. Beidler - Multi-Discipline Project, $4,731
Barbara Bernstein - Music Project, $4,050
Rose Bond** - Media Arts Project, $5,700
Jedidiah Chavez - Visual Arts Project, $3,660
Varinthorn Christopher - Multi-Discipline Project, $4,800
M.J. Cody*  - Literature Project, $5,626
Bruce Conkle - Visual Arts Project, $4,604
Carlos Alexis Cruz  - Theatre Project, $4,463
Dicky Dahl  - Media Arts Project, $3,846
Laura Di Trapani**  - Media Arts Project, $4,500
Daniel A. Duford - Multi-Discipline Project, $4,800
Tamara English  - Visual Arts Project  $1,715
Colleen M. Flanigan - Visual Arts Project, $5,397
Alexis Gideon - Multi-Discipline Project, $4,800
Chris Harder - Theatre Project, $5,691
Angelle Hebert - Dance/Movement Project, $4,782
Melanya Helene  - Theatre Project, $2,254
Lauren Henkin - Visual Arts Project, $4,498
Helen Hiebert  - Visual Arts Project, $4,155
Hunt Holman*  - Theatre Project, $2,380
Tahni Holt - Multi-Discipline Project, $5,610
Sarah Horowitz - Visual Arts Project, $5,444
Kazuyo Ito  - Music Project, $5,381
Lawrence Johnson - Media Arts Project, $4,490 and Multi-Discipline Project, $4,211
Agnieszka Laska  - Multi-Discipline Project, $5,099
Alain LeTourneau - Media Arts Project, $4,313 and Innovation Prize, $2,500
Matt McCormick  - Media Arts Project, $4,718
Jenene Nagy  - Visual Arts Project, $4,434
Andrew Oliver  - Music Project, $5,700
Melody Owen - Visual Arts Project, $4,500
Heather Perkins  - Music Project, $4,500
Jayanthi Raman**  - Dance/Movement Project, $5,605
Dmae Roberts  - Media Arts Project, $4,680
Ethan Rose - Music Project, $5,400
Michelle Ross  - Visual Arts Project, $3,638
Bobby Ryan - Theatre Project, $4,630
Kaia Sand - Multi-Discipline Project, $3,615
Joe Schneider - Visual Arts Project, $5,399
Heidi Schwegler - Multi-Discipline Project, $5,364
Joseph Sneed  - Visual Arts Project, $5,553
Barbara Tetenbaum - Media Arts Project, $5,400
Mary-Sue Tobin  - Music Project, $2,925
Maro Vandorou  - Visual Arts Project, $4,745
Jessica Wallenfels  - Theatre Project, $5,098
Kelly M. Williams**  - Visual Arts Project, $4,244

RACC is the local arts agency of record for the Portland tri-county area, including Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington Counties, and works to create an environment in which the arts and culture of the region can flourish and prosper.