"In Celebration of Pigpens" kicks off a new season of installations at the Portland Building

Artists Lou Watson( on right) and Michele McCall-Wallace (on left) have transformed the Portland Building Installation Space with an exhibition called In Celebration of Pigpens. It will run through 4/24.


Amping Up for Work for Art’s 10th Anniversary Year

“Flourishing arts, culture, and sports organizations add to the fabric and diversity of our community. Arts & sports can break down barriers—including age, gender, and ethnicity—by bringing disparate groups of people together in a shared experience.”
--- WFA Honorary Chair Mike Golub, Portland Timbers

Public Art

RACC adds 56 artworks to the Portable Works Collection

New artwork by 39 local artists will join the Collection that is shown through City of Portland  and Multnomah County office facilities

Cultural Calendar

"When Animals Were People"

Tales from Huichol Indians of Mexico and Argentina told with puppets. Adapted by Nancy Aldrich and Omar Vargas. There will be free puppet making activities in the Imago Theatre lobby ½ hour prior to all Saturday and Sunday performances.


5/3 & 5/9 RACC Workshop: Painting BIG: mural tips, techniques and materials

Robin Corbo joins RACC's Peggy Kendellen to discuss the best way to paint murals on 5/3. On 5/9 The Lost Cause joins Peggy to discuss using spray cans and stencils to create murals.

Arts Education
Arts Education

2015 Summer arts camps

This summer, enroll your kids in a summer arts camp! RACC has compiled a comprehensive list of camps and workshops in various disciplines, including dance, theater, music, visual arts, literary arts and more.